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British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Pack ice near Adelaide Island, Antarctica
Pack ice near Adelaide Island, Antarctica ©

As part of a coordinated approach to marine data management, BODC and BAS have entered into a laboratory liaison programme. To find out more about this programme, follow these links

More about BAS

The British Antarctic Survey has a long and distinguished history of carrying out research and surveys in the Antarctic and surrounding regions. BAS science programmes are closely linked with essential logistics support, making it very effective in carrying out the complicated and sophisticated scientific polar field programmes that are often a requirement today.

As a major research centre of the Natural Environment Research Council, BAS

The British Antarctic Survey has over 400 staff at Cambridge, in Antarctica and on two Royal Research Ships. There are six Science Themes (Climate, Chemistry & Past Climate, Ecosystems, Environmental Change & Evolution, Ice Sheets and Oceans) and two Support Divisions (Administration & Logistics and Environment & Information).

The Environment & Information division provides the home for the Polar Data Centre (PDC), NERC’s designated data centre for polar science. The PDC is responsible for the short-term stewardship and dissemination of data collected by BAS scientists. The PDC is also the UK’s designated National Antarctic Data Centre on the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management.

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