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National Oceanographic Database data - 18 December 2006
A new BODC service which provides access to almost 50,000 data series held in the National Oceanographic Database. [more]
Argo Southern Ocean interactive map - 12 December 2006
BODC launch the Argo Southern Ocean interactive map. This provides a link to the Southern Ocean float data and enables users to query float information. [more]
Tide gauge data - 29 September 2006
BODC double the number of UK sites offering downloadable raw sea level data, just in time for October's high spring tides. [more]
Global Sea Level Observing System - 29 September 2006
BODC design and implement a new web site for The Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS), providing access to tide gauge data, information, and news. [more]
DISCO - 18 September 2006
BODC release the DISCO project data set on CDROM. DISCO was a multidisciplinary study of the biogeochemical cycling of dimethyl sulphide within a bloom of Emiliania huxleyi. [more]
LEACOAST2 - 12 September 2006
BODC will be undertaking the data management of the Liverpool - East Anglia Coastal Study 2, a three year programme funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). [more]
SeaDataNet - 01 September 2006
BODC is participating in the SeaDataNet project, a 9 million euro EU Initiative, involving 49 major institutes and marine data centres from 35 countries. [more]
BODC Web Services - 16 August 2006
BODC launch two platform-independent Web Services, aiding synchronisation of data and opening a window to our information and data holdings. [more]
UK SOLAS - 15 August 2006
BODC and the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) will be undertaking the data management from the UK Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (UK SOLAS). [more]
Edserplo - 26 July 2006
BODC launch a powerful new visualisation and tidal data processing tool, as part of our ongoing commitment to marine data quality control. [more]
GEBCO One Minute Grid - 23 June 2006
BODC launch an improved data download facility for the GEBCO One Minute Grid. It allows you to obtain data for a user-defined area, the complete grid file or multiple data files in the form of 20 degree square tiles. [more]
Tide gauge data - 02 June 2006
BODC announce the launch of interactive GIS site maps to enhance user access to all of the UK’s Tide Gauge Network data. [more]
SIMORC - 07 April 2006
BODC is participating in the System of Industry Metocean data for the Offshore and Research Communities (SIMORC) project. [more]
Interactive wave data selection - 13 March 2006
BODC announce the launch of a GIS site map facility to aid user access to all of our instrumentally recorded wave data. [more]
Oceanology International 2006 - 01 March 2006
We are exhibiting at Oceanology International 2006 (Oi06) from 21-23 March 2006. [more]
GEBCO One Minute Grid - 21 February 2006
BODC launch an enhanced data download facility that allows you to obtain multiple sample image and/or data files from the GEBCO One Minute Grid. [more]
36 North - 30 January 2006
The data management pages for the 36 North programme are now available. [more]