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GEBCO One Minute Grid version 2.0 - 13 November 2008
The GEBCO One Minute Grid provides global bathymetry data on a one-arc minute grid. Version 2.0 is now available for download. [more]
HUMBOLDT - 05 November 2008
BODC is participating in the HUMBOLDT project, which will help provide a framework for geo data harmonisation and service integration across Europe. [more]
Rothera Times Series data - 17 October 2008
The Rothera Oceanographic and Biological Time Series (RaTS) data set is now accessible via our online request facility. [more]
Argo float data products - 09 October 2008
BODC present an animation of the Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) ¼° Antarctic output images for potential temperature, salinity and velocity. [more]
Seals aid climate modelling - 21 July 2008
Oceanographic data collected by seals as part of the ‘Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans – Pole to Pole (MEOP)’ project are made available to climate modellers quickly. [more]
UKDMOS launched - 21 July 2008
The UK Directory of the Marine Observing Systems (UKDMOS) - a searchable online database of information relating to UK marine monitoring activities [more]
GEOTRACES - 17 July 2008
BODC has been chosen to host the GEOTRACES International Data Assembly Centre (GIDAC). [more]
Data management partnerships - 10 June 2008
To encourage a coordinated approach to marine data management, BODC has forged partnerships with six of NERC's centres. [more]
GEBCO web site - 03 June 2008
The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) announces the launch of its new web site, designed and implemented by BODC. [more]
Enabling mash-up data - 07 May 2008
BODC announces improved functionality for two of our data delivery facilities; they now include the ability to download a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file of search results. [more]
International current meters - 07 March 2008
BODC announces the launch of the improved international inventory of moored current meters. This online search facility has undergone a major redevelopment resulting in increased user functionality. [more]
CARBON-OPS web site - 03 March 2008
BODC announces the launch of a web site for the CARBON-OPS project. Providing access to ship-based measurements of pCO2 and ancillary surface underway and meteorological data in near real-time. [more]
Oceanology International 2008 - 29 February 2008
BODC will be participating in the forthcoming Oceanology International event (Oi08), from 11-13 March 2008 at ExCeL London. [more]
Investors in People - 29 February 2008
BODC has had its Investors In People status renewed, after passing a post recognition review. [more]
NERC Data Discovery Service - 13 February 2008
A new data portal provides easy access to multiple sources of environmental data. [more]
RAPID-WATCH - 06 February 2008
BODC will manage the data collected by RAPID-WATCH, a key programme studying causes of climate change. [more]