36 North

Collecting samples of water onboard the RRS Charles Darwin.
Collecting samples of water onboard the RRS Charles Darwin. ©

30 January 2006

The 36 North programme data management pages are now available.

The 36 North programme is an effort to investigate and understand the influences on global climate regulation, with a focus on the current role of the North Atlantic subtropical gyre — a large, permanent, circular rotation of surface ocean water.

Alex Gardiner is the BODC coordinator for this programme. He will work closely with the 36 North scientists and will be responsible for the data which were collected onboard the RRS Charles Darwin in spring 2005.

This 45 day cruise across the 36 North section of the Atlantic Ocean collected measurements every 50 km. Instruments were lowered through the water column sampling data from surface waters to the ocean floor. At each station physical properties such as water velocity, temperature and salinity were obtained and a variety of biological and chemical samples were collected.

These data will be compared to measurements collected during similar cruises in 1981 and 2004. This information will improve our understanding of how the ocean is warming over the last two decades, how phytoplankton grow and how the oceans uptake Carbon dioxide.

The project is funded by a NERC consortium grant and brings together oceanographers from UK universities and institutes.