Argo Southern Ocean interactive map

The Argo Southern Ocean interactive map
The Argo Southern Ocean interactive map ©

12 December 2006

BODC announce the launch of the Argo Southern Ocean interactive map facility. Southern Ocean float data (in netCDF format) may be accessed from the Argo Global Data Centres via a link provided in the interactive map.

The map, created using ESRI software, enables users to view all Southern Ocean floats on a fully zoomable map, regardless of float status. Floats can be displayed by status, age, country of origin, deployment location or trajectory. Individual floats may be queried to return information on deployment and the most recent profile.

There is also the option of superimposing a 2000m bathymetric contour, sub-sampled from the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) data set, and sea ice extent from the University of Bremen.

Argo is an international project aiming to deploy 3000 profiling floats globally, giving real-time ocean temperature and salinity data. The Southern Ocean Argo Regional Centre is a collaboration between BODC and the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation, Australia (CSIRO). It has the responsibility to validate all float data in the Southern Ocean (south of 35°S) for the international Argo community.