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RRS Discovery
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31 January 2005

Two of BODC's data scientists (Dr Claudia Castellani and Dr Alex Gardiner) participated in two legs of the CROZEX Southern Ocean cruise on the RRS Discovery.

Dr Claudia Castellani sailed on the first leg from the end of November to mid December 2004. Her responsibilities included data management, in particular data relating to zooplankton (Oithona species and cyclopoid copepods).

Dr Alex Gardiner sailed on the second leg from mid December 2004 to January 2005. He assisted in processing data collected from CTD equipment. He was also responsible for the effective collection of data, such as the appropriate use of standards and completion of log sheets.

The objective of the CROZEX project is to study the annual phytoplankton bloom north of the Crozet Plateau in the Southern Ocean. More scientific and technical information about the project can be found on the CROZEX project page.

Note that Crozet is the name of the island and CROZEX is the name of the project.