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Current meter mooring deployment
Current meter mooring deployment ©

01 February 2007

BODC announce the launch of the current meter index, a new facility allowing users to request data online. It provides access to all current data held in the National Oceanographic Database (NODB).

It includes entries for

  • Moored Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
  • Other moored current meters
  • Shipborne ADCP
  • Lowered ADCP

Within our data request area you will be able to build your search, select data series, modify your selection and opt to receive the data as BODC netCDF and/or ASCII format before submitting your final request to us for processing. Interactive maps are provided to assist with your data selection.

The data holdings will be updated regularly. At the time of writing, the current meter index includes 6102 data series from 55 different organisations.