Iceland to Scotland: crossing the Nordic Seas gateway

Mark compiling quality metadata
Mark compiling quality metadata ©

16 July 2009

Two BODC data scientists (Mark Hebden and Julia Calderwood) participated on both legs of the RRS Discovery 340 cruise in the North East Atlantic Ocean.

On the first leg, between Iceland and Scotland, they joined colleagues from the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton to monitor the Atlantic waters flowing north towards the Arctic Ocean. This work is performed annually under the Extended Ellett Line project; an ocean monitoring initiative that dates back to 1975.

The second leg of the cruise, around Western Scotland, examined how stratification and turbulent mixing are influenced by shelf topography, and the consequences for pelagic and benthic biogeochemical processes. This study was performed by scientists at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, with Oceans 2025 funding.

Mark and Julia were onboard RRS Discovery to assist with the sampling programmes, and to compile quality metadata records.

For more information about life onboard this research cruise, see the RRS Discovery 340 cruise blog.