Steve Loch demonstrating the functionality of Edserplo.
Steve Loch demonstrating the functionality of Edserplo. ©

26 July 2006

The culmination of several years work has lead to the launch of Edserplo — our new visualisation and tidal processing tool. Edserplo provides an essential part of our data processing procedure.

For many years, we have used visualisation to quality assure a wide range of marine data, and to process the data collected by the UK Tide Gauge Network.

Our skilled data scientists, using their sound knowledge of marine processes, screen oceanographic data to identify problems and spot suspect data. Our software programs allow them to flag these values (a process where questionable data are highlighted, but the actual values are not changed).

As part of BODC’s ongoing commitment to quality control we initiated, in July 2003, a development programme for a replacement (Edserplo) of our existing suite of visualisation programs. The new software had to

  • Be faster in operation
  • Be Windows (and preferably Unix/Linux) compatible
  • Be written in a mainstream programming language (Java)
  • Handle multiple data file formats and provide versatility for the future

It is expected that Edserplo will be continually enhanced. Our IT specialist in charge of the Edserplo project is Steve Loch.