BODC harvests data from marine swarms!

Scientists prepare to launch an autonomous marine vehicle
Scientists prepare to launch an autonomous marine vehicle ©

03 October 2014

In the most ambitious project of its kind, a fleet of autonomous marine vehicles has been launched off southwest England this week. Over the next 20 days, the vehicles will collect scientific data autonomously as they travel over a 300-mile route. The data will provide key insights into ocean processes and marine life.

Co-ordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), the project includes battery-powered submarine gliders and novel surface vehicles powered by wind, wave and solar energy. All of the vehicles are unmanned; the only communication with the fleet will be via satellite.

BODC are managing the project data as part of our collaborative global strategy to standardise the management of data originating from autonomous platforms. Extending the core BODC marine data collection and delivery system, BODC has built an automated system that will make the data publicly available and deliver it to operational centres, such as weather agencies, in near-real time.

The data will be available from the EGO web site. A wrap piece on MASSMO and EGO and full details of the project are available on the NOC web site.

The event was covered by the BBC; their report is available online.