New web site

A draft design of our new home page
A draft design of our new home page ©

10 August 2005

On 10 August 2005 we launched our new web site. We have designed it to meet the needs of our customers with a focus on easy navigation, current content and access to data.

Our customers can be categorised as follows

  • Marine project participants — such as scientists for whom we collate, quality control, archive and distribute data.
  • Academic establishments — including universities and schools who require marine data for their research.
  • The public — who are interested in the science of the seas and oceans.
  • Commercial organisations and industry — who can use our data for effective use of their own resources.

We are committed to improving access to our data holdings via our web site.

We are working towards the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. We also have a policy of continual improvement and value your opinion about any aspect of the services we provide. Any comments you make will be appreciated.