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Deploying a SmartBuoy
Deploying a SmartBuoy ©

18 December 2006

BODC announce the launch of a new facility to request data online. Our NODB data series facility provides access to all data held in the National Oceanographic Database (NODB).

The NODB is a collection of marine data sets originating from numerous organisations, maintained and developed by BODC. It includes physical, geophysical, chemical and biological measurements from the sea, land and air.

Within our data request area you can build your search, select data series, view your selection on an interactive map, modify your selection and opt to receive the data as BODC netCDF and/or ASCII format before submitting your final request to us for processing.

The NODB data series facility currently provides access to almost 50,000 data series from 118 different organisations. The data holdings will be updated on a weekly basis.