Tide gauge data

The location of the Barmouth tide gauge.
The location of the Barmouth tide gauge. ©

02 June 2006

BODC announce the launch of interactive GIS site maps, created using ESRI software products, to enhance user access to all of the UK's Tide Gauge Network data. Map tools allow dynamic graphical selection of the data you wish to download or request.

The Tide Gauge Network

The Tide Gauge Network is run by the Tide Gauge Inspectorate (TGI). It includes 45 gauges, most of which are related through the national levelling network to Ordnance Datum Newlyn. Data are collected, processed and archived to provide long time series of reliable and accurate sea levels. The work is funded by the Environment Agency.

The network forms part of the National Tidal & Sea Level Facility (NTSLF). NTSLF is an online service for sea level data. It aims to make sea and land level data, along with scientific and technical expertise, available to the wider community. Although NTSLF is hosted by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), formerly the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL), BODC is responsible for the management of the tide gauge data and their access via the web.

Data availability

  • Quality assured data for the last three months are available by online request — charges may apply
  • All other quality assured data are available for download — free of charge
  • Raw data for the latest 'rolling' month are available for download — free of charge

About GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) software techniques provide a framework of solutions for discovering more about data. They provide the means for the management, storage, analysis and representation of data in a geographic context. They allow the integration of spatial data with data categories, data queries and the graphical display of data.