Our Parameter Dictionary is used to accurately label data
Our Parameter Dictionary is used to accurately label data ©

30 September 2004

In September two members of BODC (Roy Lowry and Laura Bird) and one of the NERC DataGrid team (Kevin O'Neill, CCLRC) visited Russian colleagues as part of the Enabling Parameter Discovery (EnParDis) and NERC DataGrid projects.

Motivation for EnParDis comes from a need to change the organisation of parameter descriptions in our dictionary in order that new technologies for data discovery over the web are able to find and deliver data. The dictionary is crucial to projects such as the NERC DataGrid and the European SEA-SEARCH network.

These projects aim to make the participating members' data holdings available online. To succeed, participants need to standardise their metadata (data about data).

Our data, as well as the human participants, need to speak the same language!

Our Russian colleagues work for the All-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre (RIHMI-WDC). They are also part of SEA-SEARCH and are working on a similar project to NERC DataGrid. The purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge, expertise and experience. Discussions on parameter dictionaries was an important aspect of the visit and further collaboration between BODC and RIHMI-WDC is expected.