BODC under scrutiny

Data management - one of NERC's highest priorities
Data management - one of NERC's highest priorities©

16 March 2005

In November 2004, BODC and our host laboratory, the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL), were inspected by a Science Management Audit (SMA) team comprising of external and independent experts.

Overall, the performance of BODC was rated as alpha 4, with significant elements of alpha 5, where

  • Alpha 4 is "Excellent — comparable to world leaders in the field, top 25%, excellent delivery".
  • Alpha 5 is "Outstanding — benchmarks amongst world’s best, top 5% of surveys, exceptional delivery".

BODC was considered to be an essential national service, fully aligned to NERC’s highest priorities and offering excellent value for money.

For more information, please see the full Science and Management Audit 2004 report Adobe PDF version of the Science and Management Audit (1.29 MB). Pages 25 - 30 are relevant to BODC.

The SMA process provides an assurance for the NERC Chief Executive and NERC Council concerning the scientific and management performance of a NERC funded Research or Collaborative Centre. Audits are undertaken every five years as recommended in the 2001 Quinquennial Review of Research Councils.