SOLAS Project Integration

The domain of study for SOLAS
The domain of study for SOLAS ©

22 March 2007

The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Project Integration initiative announces the launch of its web site, prepared and maintained by BODC.

SOLAS Project Integration is effectively a community-led activity coordinated by the SOLAS Project Integrator, Dr Tom Bell. It involves the worldwide network of SOLAS researchers, with links through the main SOLAS focus groups – the Implementation Working Groups (IMPs) and various national SOLAS structures.

Its aim is to bring together SOLAS results in order to produce data products. These data products can then be used by policy makers and the scientific community to assess the role of ocean-atmosphere interaction in climate, air quality and ocean biogeochemistry.

More about SOLAS

SOLAS is a seven-year international project involving more than 20 nations. Its aim is to quantify the exchange of gases and particles between the ocean and the atmosphere and to understand the role that these exchanges play in ocean biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and climate.

Data collected during SOLAS will be archived in national data centres. BODC share data management responsibility, for all UK SOLAS data, with the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC).