Tide gauge data

Avonmouth pier - location of one of the tide gauges
Avonmouth pier - location of one of the tide gauges ©

31 July 2004

The tide gauge data collected by the UK’s Tide Gauge Network during 1980s are now available to download. The data set has been checked for quality by two of BODC’s data scientists (Libby Macleod and Liz Bradshaw).

The Tide Gauge Network forms part of the National Tidal & Sea Level Facility (NTSLF). Although NTSLF is hosted by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL), BODC is responsible for the management of the tide gauge data and their access via the web. For more information about BODC's role see UK Tide Gauge Network.

The establishment of the UK Tide Gauge Network was recommended following violent storms in the North Sea in 1953 which resulted in serious flooding and loss of life down the east coast of Britain, in the Thames Estuary and along the North Sea coast of Europe.

NTSLF is an online service for sea level data. It aims to make sea and land level data, along with scientific and technical expertise, available to the wider community. The bulk of the data was collected from the 1970s, but some (such as data collected from the Newlyn tide gauge) goes back to 1916. NTSLF forms part of our contract with the UK ’s Environment Agency.