Interactive wave data selection

An illustration of the interactive wave data site map.
An illustration of the interactive wave data site map. ©

13 March 2006

BODC announce the launch of a GIS site map facility, created using ESRI software products, to aid user access to all instrumentally recorded wave data held in our National Oceanographic Database.

Our wave data request facility

The interactive site map allows you to select/deselect wave sites in our wave data series form. Tools allow you to zoom, pan and select wave sites of interest before submitting your request for data.

The BODC wave data index includes entries for

  • directional wave spectra
  • one-dimensional wave spectra
  • short-term wave statistics

About GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) software techniques provide a framework of solutions for discovering more about data. They provide the means for the management, storage, analysis and representation of data in a geographic context. They allow the integration of spatial data with data categories, data queries and the graphical display of data.

We have used many of these features in our wave site map. To assist you in your data selection, our layers categories include land, sea areas, rivers and cities in addition to the wave sites. The map tools allow dynamic graphical selection of the wave data you wish to request.

We are committed to improving access to our data holdings via our web site and have a policy of continual improvement. We hope soon to implement similar GIS systems for our UK Tide Gauge Network data delivery service.