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RRS James Clark Ross cruise in Antartica
RRS James Clark Ross cruise in Antarctica©

These tools allow you to search inventories, catalogues and directories maintained by BODC. You can find information describing all data sets either held by or known to us.

Biological and chemical data

An illustration of our biological and chemical data coverage is provided to enable you to see the data we hold. These data are available by request from the BODC Enquiries Officer. A limited amount of data collected by biological sensors, such as optical plankton counters or fluorometers, in time or depth series are now available for online delivery via our all data series facility.

Inventories, catalogues and directories

The tools listed here provide an interface to databases containing descriptive information (metadata records) on data collections.

Should you require further information concerning any entries, please contact the BODC Enquiries Officer.

Where to find more data

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Online delivery — search inventories and download data directly

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