Chemical data

Pyrene in the environment is readily absorbed by sediments
Pyrene in the environment is readily absorbed by sediments ©

We hold a large quantity of marine chemical data collated from many sources, many of which are publicly available. Data were collected using a variety of instruments and samplers, for example

  • Water bottle samples
  • Towed undulators
  • Biogeochemical analyses
  • Biological production experiments
  • Discrete shipboard underway measurements
  • Sediment traps
  • Fluorometers
  • Bottom landers
  • Atmospheric and oceanographic chemistry measurements

A limited amount of data collected by chemical sensors, such as oxygen probes or nutrient sensors, in time or depth series are now available for online delivery via our all data series facility.

We are also developing software to make discrete data available online. Currently, these are available by request from the BODC Enquiries Officer.

In the interim, we have provided plots to illustrate data coverage from water bottle samples. These images illustrate only a sub-set of the total chemical data we hold.

For an enlarged view, 'click' on the image.

Global nutrient (nitrate and nitrite) samples   Nutrient (nitrate and nitrite) samples around the UK
Global production experiments   Production experiments around the UK

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