It is our policy to make the European Sea Level delayed mode data holdings and associated information accessible to the widest possible audience. It is therefore our intention to design a site that meets the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative. We are working towards compliance with these guidelines but realise that some of our pages might not meet them fully.

Some of the information on our pages represents complex data sets and is presented in ways that are not supported by certain current web access technologies. For instance, some information is presented as maps which are dynamically generated and therefore cannot be described using alt-text and some pages require interaction through the ticking of boxes. However, we hope that visitors using web access technologies will find a wealth of useful information in accessible formats elsewhere on the site.


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If JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, you should still be able to access the majority of these web pages. Access to data, however, will be severely restricted. If you do not wish to enable JavaScript and need to access data, please send your request to the BODC Enquiries Officer.