OMEX I 1993 - 1996 : Introduction


OMEX I was largely field based, with extensive physical, chemical, biological and geological measurements made on the European continental margin off northern Norway, at the Goban Spur and off Iberia. OMEX I ran from the beginning of June 1993 until the end of May 1996.

During the first phase of the project (OMEX I, 1993-1996), field research has focused on the Goban Spur area in the Northern part of the Gulf of Biscay.


Map of the European Continental Margin

This zone is characterised by a very broad continental shelf and the existence of a shelf-edge front responsible for the vertical mixing of nutrient rich deep ocean water with surface water, inducing an enhanced primary production along the margin.  Efforts have been made to provide data concerning the local factors affecting horizontal and vertical transport of material in relation to general circulation, with emphasis on evaluating the role of filaments and eddies in exchange processes.

The OMEX I scientific programme was divided into five disciplines (Physics, Biology, Biogeochemistry, Benthics and Air-Sea Interactions), comprising 47 research cruise legs and involved vessels from 9 European countries. 

Cruises of the OMEX I campaign
The OMEX I dataset on CD-ROM

This phase of research has produced a large, comprehensive data set containing a wide diversity of physical, chemical, biological and sedimentological data collected from the atmosphere, the water column and the sediments.  The better understanding of the local processes has also induced a large number of original publications and works.  Ninety-five per cent of the data collected during the field programme are presented on a CD-ROM


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