OMEX II-I Synthesis of OMEX I Data : Final Report

OMEX II-I Final Report

The synthesis of OMEX I data have been written up into an internal Final Report that was submitted to the EC.   The separate papers within this report are restricted to OMEX II-I project scientists and the officers of the European Commission.  The titles of the papers contained in the report are given here for information only, listed by sub-project.   Please feel free to contact the primary authors of the papers for further information.  Many details contained in the report will be published in peer reviewed journals.




    Biogeochemical Cycles

      Biological Processes


    Benthic Processes
      Carbon Cycling and Biogases


Executive summary of scientific achievements
J. M. Huthnance.

Physical structures, advection and mixing at Goban Spur
J. M. Huthnance, H. Coelho, C.R. Griffiths, S. Groom, R.D. Pingree, A.P. Rees, B. Sinha, A. Vangriesheim and M. White

Ocean-shelf circulation, exchange and distributions
J. M. Huthnance, M. Amin and A Sansom.

The pattern of cross-slope depositional fluxes
M. Amin and
J. M. Huthnance.

Slope current dynamics and variability west of Ireland.
M. White, R. Raine and P. Bowyer.

PANORAMA: a semi-automated AVHRR and CZCS system for observing coastal and ocean processes.
P. Miller, S.Groom, A. McManus. J.Shelley and N.Mironnet

SST-nitrate relationships in the Celtic Sea for remote sensing of new production.
S. Groom.

OMEX hydrographic and nutrient Atlas.
L. Osbourne, M. Hughes, M. Callow, D. Hydes and A. LeGall.

The impact of the ambient density field on variability in the non-linear internal wave field on the Iberian shelf.
T.J. Sherwin and D.R.G. Jeans.

Extension of the Ocean Circulation Model investigating how slope currents at the eastern ocean margin interact with ocean circulation.
P.F. Hodnett and Y. Yuan.

Prognostic numerical model applications.
R. Neves, A. dos Santos, H. Martins, H. Coelho, P. Leitao, R. Miranda and J Delfino.

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Biogeochemical Cycles

Executive summary of scientific achievements.
R. Fauzi C. Mantoura.

Pelagic production at the Celtic Sea shelf break.
I. Joint, A. Antia, R.Barlow, S. Batten, U. Brockmann, P. Burkill, L. Chou, D. Cummings, F. Dehairs, E. Edwards, M. Elskens, S. Gibb, S. Groom, A. Hirst, M. Hughes, D. Hydes, F. Mantoura, A. Miller, P. Miller, A. Pomroy, T. Raabe, A. Rees, X. Salgado, C. Stelfox, R. Wollast and J. Woolfenden.

Early spring bloom phytoplankton-nutrient dynamics at the Celtic Sea shelf break.
A. Rees, I. Joint and K.M. Donald.

Summertime phytoplankton production and nutrient transformations at the Celtic Sea shelf break.
A. Rees, I. Joint, T. Raabe, U. Brockmann and A. Pomroy.

Nitrogen, chlorophyll and oxygen in biogeochemical processes related to primary production at the Goban Spur, Celtic Sea.
T. Raabe and U. Brockmann.

Improved estimation of the f-ratio in natural phytoplankton assemblages.
M. Elskens, W. Baeyens, F. Dehairs, A. Rees, I. Joint and L Goeyens.

Phytoplankton pigment chemotaxonomy at the Northeast Atlantic ocean margin.
S.W. Gibb, R.G. Barlow, D.G. Cummings, R.F.C. Mantoura and A. Hatton.

Microzooplankton community structure at the Goban Spur, Celtic Sea.
E.S. Edwards and P.H. Burkill.

Microzooplankton herbivory across the shelf-break at the Goban Spur, Celtic Sea.
E.S. Edwards, P.H. Burkill and C.E. Stelfox.

Determinations of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen fluxes across the Goban Spur using a novel high temperature catalytic oxidation technique.
A.E.J. Miller, X.A. Alvarez-Salgado and R.F.C Mantoura.

pCO2 - d13CPOC relationships in surface waters of the Gulf of Biscay.
P. Dauby and M. Frankignoulle.

Distribution and fluxes of calcium carbonate along continental margin in the Gulf of Biscay.
R. Wollast and L. Chou.

Process influencing metal distributions and concentrations (Cd, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn) at the Northwest European shelf break.
A. C. Le Gall, D.J. Hydes, P.J. Statham and N.H. Morley.

Trace elements in the European shelf waters: the cases of the Celtic margin and the Portuguese coast.
M.-H. Cott, J.-M. Martin., A.J. Thomas, C. Guieu and W.W. Huang.

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Biological Processes

Executive summary of scientific achievements.
P. Wassman.

Particle flux across the mid-European continental margin.
A. N. Antia, B. von Bodungen and R. Peinert.

Seasonality in the surface abundance and flux of algal pigments at the continental slope determined by HPLC analyses.
A. N. Antia, R. Barlow, D.G. Cummings and R.F.C. Mantoura.

Close coupling between the surface biological communities and their vertical and lateral flux at the continental slope at 49N.
A. N. Antia, S. Batten, C. Reid and R. Peinert.

Seasonal and long-term patterns of mesozooplankton biomass in the Celtic Sea, derived from CPR data.
S.D. Batten.

Seasonal and vertical distributions of mesozooplankton biomass at the continental shelf edge in the Celtic Sea, as measured by the Longhurst-Hardy Plankton Recorder and the Continuous Plankton Recorder.
S.D. Batten, A. Hirst, J. Hunter and R. Lampitt.

Mixing characteristics of the water column in the Goban Spur shelf break area - an attempt to describe the temperature evolution by turbulence-closure modelling.
K. Soetaert, P.M.J. Herman and J.J. Middelburg.

Parameterisation of a numerical model containing one and two microplankton compartments for the Goban Spur region.
C.S. Smith and P. Tett.

A depth resolving numerical model of physically forced microbiology at the European shelf edge.
C.S. Smith and P. Tett.

Numerical modelling at the shelf break: integrating field measurements of chlorophyll, primary production, zooplankton, nitrate, ammonium, oxygen and sediment properties.
K. Soetaert, P.M.J. Herman, J.J. Middelburg and C. Heip.

Modelling the benthic trophic network.
P. Chardy, A. Vangriesheim, A. Kripounoff and K. Soetaert.

Assessing organic matter mineralisation, degradability and mixing rate in an ocean margin sediment (Northeast Atlantic) by diagenetic modelling.
K. Soetaert, P.M.J. Herman, J.J. Middelburg and C. Heip.

The sea-floor as the ultimate sediment trap - using sediment properties to constrain benthic-pelagic exchange processes at the Goban Spur.
P.M.J Herman, K. Soetaert, J.J. Middelburg, C. Heip, L. Lohse, E. Epping, W. Helder, A. Antia and R. Peinert.

Conditions at the shelf break off the north Norwegian coast (6920'N - 7030'N).
E. Nordby, K. Tande, D. Slagstad, H. Svendsen.

Sensitivity studies of circulation and ocean-shelf exchange off northern Norway.
H. Moseidjord, H. Svendsen and D. Slagstad.

Small time and spatial scale variability of phytoplankton biomass on the north Norwegian shelf in 1995.
S. Babichenko, P. Wassmann, L. Porvkina and I.J. Andreassen.

Abundance and biomass of pico-, nano- and microplankton along a transect across Norvestbank, north Norwegian shelf.
T.N. Ratkova, P. Wassmann, P.G. Verity and I.J. Andreassen.

Seasonal patterns in composition and biomass of autotrophic and heterotrophic nano- and microzooplankton communities on the north Norwegian shelf.
P.G. Verity, I.J. Andreassen, P. Wassmann, T.N.Ratkova and E.Nordby.

Zooplankton biomass distribution and plankton transport at Nordvestbanken and Malangsdjupet in 1994.
E. Nordby and K. Tande.

Physical and biological factors influencing the seasonal variation in distribution of zooplankton across the shelf at Nordvestbank, northern Norway.
E. Halvorsen and K. Tande.

Seasonal variation of vertical flux of phytoplankton and biogenic matter at Norvestbank, north Norwegian shelf in 1994.
I.J. Andreassen, P. Wassmann and T.N. Ratkova.

Seasonal variation of nutrients and suspended biomass along a transect across the Norvestbank, north Norwegian shelf in 1994.
P. Wassmann,  I.J. Andreassen and F. Rey

Suspended and sedimented faecal pellets along a transect across and at the shelf break of Nordvestbank, north Norwegian shelf.
L. Hansen, P. Wassmann, I.J. Andreassen and and J. Urban-Rich.

Macrozooplankton faecal pellet contribution to carbon flux at a northern Norwegian shelf break.
J.Urban-Rich, E. Nordby, I. Andreassen and P. Wassmann.

Hydrography and plankton interactions: attempts to calculate fluxes by use of a dynamic 3-D model concept with observational data in a highly advective environment.
D. Slagstad, K.S. Tande and P. Wassmann.

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Benthic Processes

Executive summary of scientific achievements.
T. C. E. van Weering.

Suspended sediment distribution along the shelf edge and slope of Northwest Europe.
I.R. Hall and I.N. McCave.

210Pb in sediments on the continental shelf edge, slope and rise of the eastern North Atlantic..
I.R. Hall and I.N. McCave.

Late glacial to recent accumulation fluxes of sediments at the shelf edge and slope of
Northwest Europe, 48 - 50N.
I.R. Hall and I.N. McCave.

Glacial-interglacial switching of organic carbon sources supplying the slope of Northwest Europe, 48 - 50N.
I.R. Hall and I.N. McCave, T.C.E. van Weering and H. de Stigter.

Analysis of sedimentary carbon and nitrogen along the north-west European continental margin: intercomparative analysis by OMEX laboratory.
L. Lohse, C. de Stigter, T.C.E. van Weering and W. Helder.

Spatial and temporal variability of particulate matter in the benthic boundary layer at the north east Atlantic continental margin (Celtic Sea, Goban Spur).
L. Thomsen and T.C.E. van Weering.

Benthic denitrification and nitrogen cycling along the slope and rise of the Celtic Margin.
W. Balzer, W. Helder, E. Epping, L. Lohse and S. Otto.

Release of dissolved organic carbon from Celtic Margin sediments and its significance for benthic carbon cycling.
S. Otto and
W. Balzer.

Factors governing abundance of hydrolyzable amino acids in the sediments from the Goban spur transect.
T. Boski, J. Costa Pessoa, O. Pedro, J. Thorez, J.M. Alveirinho Dias and I. Hall.

Patterns of benthic faunae and benthic respiration on the Celtic continental margin in relation to the distribution of phytodetritus.
G.C.A. Duineveld, M.S.S Lavaleye, E.M. Berghuis, P.A.W.J. de Wilde, J. van der Weele, S.D. Batten and J.W. de Leeuw.

Late-summer mass deposition of gelatinous phytodetritus along the continental slope of Southwest Ireland.
P. de Wilde, G. Duineveld, E. Berghuis, M. Lavaleye and A. Kok.

Small benthic size classes along the western European continental margin: spatial and temporal variability in activity and biomass.
O. Pfannkuche and T. Soltwedel.

Meiofauna: macrofauna ratios along the continental slope of the Goban Spur (NE Atlantic) in relation to food availability.
E. Flach, J. Vanaverbeke and C. Heip.

Feeding types of the benthic community and particle transport across the continental slope of the Goban Spur.
E. Flach, M. Lavaleye, H. de Stigter and L. Thomsen.

Benthic-pelagic coupling: the role of the benthic biota in the exchange processes through the benthic boundary layer of the Goban Spur area.
C. Heip, E. Flach, G. Duineveld, G. Graf, M. Lavaleye, O. Pfannkuche, K. Soetaert, T. Soltwedel, H. de Stigter, L. Thomsen, J. Vanaverbeke and P. de Wilde.

Is the continental shelf off Tagus acting as a sediment trap?
J.M. Jouanneau, C. Garcia, A. Oliveira, A. Rodrigues, J.A. Dias and O. Weber.

Geoqumica dos aminocidos hidrolizveis em sedimentos da margem este do Atlntico norte.
T. Boski, C.J. Pessoa, P. Pedro and J.M.A Dias.

Matria em suspenso: do esturio do Tejo para a plataforma continental adjacente
C. Garcia, J.M.A.Dias, J.M. Jouanneau, A. Olieveira and A. Rodrigues.

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Carbon Cycling and Biogases

Executive summary of scientific achievements.
S. E. Larsen.

Fluxes of especially carbon dioxide in the marine atmospheric surface layer
S. E. Larsen, F. Aa. Hansen, J.F. Kjeld and S.W. Lund.

Fluxes in the marine atmospheric surface layer: CO2, momentum, heat and vapour; aerosols and bubbles.
G. de Leeuw and G.J. Kunz.

Overview of the data from RIS/TNO instrument packages.
G.J. Kunz, F. Aa. Hansen, S.E. Larsen, L.H. Cohen, A.M.J van Eijk, G. de Leeuw. and M.M. Moerman.

Inorganic d13C and methane in European margin waters.
R. Keir, G. Rehder and H. Erlenkeuser.

The distribution of dissolved dimethylsulphide at the European continental margin.
G. Uher, G. Schebeske, S. Rapsomanikis and M. Andreae.

Dimethylsulphide emission rates from European continental margins and shelves.
B.C. Nguyen.

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