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Data management

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska - under threat from climate change.
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska - under threat from climate change. ©

BODC has earned an international reputation for its expertise in the management of marine data. In the 1980s we pioneered an ‘end to end’ approach, working alongside marine scientists during the lifetime of projects to ensure good data management practices. As well as ensuring data quality we facilitate data exchange between project participants before delivering the final data set on CDROM. Today, funding bodies insist that all marine projects contain adequate provision for professional data management.

We are responsible for the data management of UK, European and International projects. All data are processed and stored in our databases. Data from completed projects are available for request from the BODC Enquiries Officer.

As each data sample is unique to the time and place where it was collected, these data collections and others held by Data Centres across Europe are a valuable resource to the marine scientific community. BODC participates in and is influential in initiatives designed to standardise data curation and make data collections easily accessible via web applications.

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