BODC’s role

Figure 1 - The five EDIOS metadata collection regions in Europe
Figure 1 - The five EDIOS metadata collection regions in Europe ©

BODC is a data management centre for UK and international oceanographic data. Our long standing experience in assembling marine data sets was put to use during our major role in EDIOS, a project to assemble European regional data into a database. This involved

  • Extracting information from existing regional and global metadatabases
  • Harmonising raw information, i.e. calibrating differences of units and scales
  • Reformatting and converting data formats

The responsibility for collecting metadata was divided into five EDIOS Regional Metadata Sampling Centres (see Figure 1)

  • I. Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia
  • II. Norway, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands
  • III. France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom
  • IV. Italy, Albania, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, Spain, Yugoslavia.
  • V. Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Ukraine, Turkey

Contributors completed an EDIOS Metadata Input Form for each observing system. They passed these on to their regional sampling centre, who sent it to BODC for processing. For more information see 'How to contribute' on the SeaDataNet web site.

BODC also contributed to the

  • Design of the EDIOS database
  • Identification of relevant metadata for the directory
  • Identification of potential EDIOS users
  • Testing of a visual user interface for EDIOS
  • Production of the CDROM containing the final version of EDIOS

Ongoing maintenance of the EDIOS database is performed by BODC on behalf of the European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS). EDIOS is available for public use via the internet.

Along with other marine databases, the EDIOS metadatabase was used and developed further by the EU SeaDataNet project. SeaDataNet is an EU funded project aiming to create and operate a pan-European marine data management infrastructure and web access portal.

European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS)