Project overview

Antenna array - part of radar system to observe surface currents in the Liverpool Bay, UK
Antenna array - part of radar system to observe surface currents in the Liverpool Bay, UK ©

The objective of the EDIOS project was to construct and implement a digital ocean observation metadatabase.

The database provides a new tool to search for information on oceanographic measurements made repeatedly, regularly and routinely in European waters. It contains metadata on European observing systems such as

  • platforms
  • repeated shipborne measurements
  • buoys
  • remote imagery

EDIOS is available for public use via the internet. It benefits operational oceanographers, marine scientists and anyone involved in oceanographic research. The database is updated regularly.

The EDIOS database includes

  • geographic coordinates
  • parameters measured and frequency of measurement
  • information on how to access the data
  • technical information on the data collection methods (e.g. instruments, sensors, ships, platforms and nets)
  • present applications of the sampled data including derived products
  • details of organisations responsible for each instrument or sensor
  • links to data-holding organisations

EDIOS is an initiative of the European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS). EuroGOOS was founded in 1994 to further the goals of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), in particular, to further the development of operational oceanography in European sea areas and adjacent oceans. GOOS is an international programme developing a global framework of observations, modelling and analysis of ocean variables to support worldwide ocean services.

EDIOS was funded by the European Commission under the Framework V Programme (Environment and Sustainable Development). The EDIOS consortium included scientific and IT professionals from Germany, Greece, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK. There are more details about the consortium on our EDIOS links page.

Along with other marine databases, the EDIOS metadatabase was used and developed further by the EU SeaDataNet project. SeaDataNet is an EU funded project aiming to create and operate a pan-European marine data management infrastructure, accessible online.

European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS)