BODC's role

One of the key tasks within the HUMBOLDT project is to test the architecture and tools created to harmonise geo data and metadata. To achieve this objective various scenarios will be developed and applied under realistic conditions, for example an oil spill in international waters.

BODC's involvement is in adapting an existing operational oil spill model. This is being carried out in collaboration with the National Centre for Ocean Forecasting and will use live feeds of ocean currents and weather provided by the Met Office.

It is anticipated that the application will allow registered users to initiate and predict the fate of an oil spill. The outcome may be viewed in coordination with other Geographic Information System (GIS) layers to allow informed decisions on response.

It will be used to test the software components developed by the HUMBOLDT team in other work packages, particularly interoperability between oil spill models, thus allowing data and information to be exchanged easily in the event of an international incident.