BODC's role

Interconnection of SeaDataNet Inventories
Interconnection of SeaDataNet Inventories ©

BODC is the UK national marine data centre and has a range of international roles and responsibilities. Collaboration with its European partners is one of these roles.

We were major contributors to the following SeaDataNet activities

  1. The development of common standards for data processing, communication and quality assurance. This includes the use of XML and international standards, such as ISO 19115, and shared vocabularies.
  2. Technical development of the distributed system — contribution to the overall system design, integration, testing and maintenance of the interoperable system. The system makes use of parallel developments undertaken at BODC, for example BODC Web Services, which includes a vocabulary server.
  3. The enhancement, interconnections and standardisation of existing data set directories. These metadata catalogues were integrated into the interoperable system. BODC was specifically responsible for the design and content of the following directories
  • European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED) — a high level "discovery" inventory, providing a user searchable, online directory of data sets relating to the marine environment.
  • European Directory of the Ocean-observing System (EDIOS) — maintained on behalf of EuroGOOS, contains metadata on European observing systems such as platforms, repeated shipborne measurements, buoys and remote imagery.
  1. BODC also contribute to the enhancement and integration of the
  • Common Data Interface (CDI), which provides an index to individual data sets. The CDI gives references to these individual measurement data, providing a more detailed insight into the available data sets.
  • European Directory of Marine Organizations (EDMO).
  • European Directory of Marine Environmental Research Projects (EDMERP).
  • Cruise Summary Reports (CSRs).
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