Data dictionaries

The SEA-SEARCH Common Data Index (CDI) was a pilot system providing users a public internet tool to search and obtain up-to-date information about marine data currently held in individual partners' databases. The following dictionaries were an integral part of the system

  1. CDI Parameter Groups were specified using four-byte codes that refer to Parameter Groups in the BODC Parameter Dictionary.
  2. BODC parameter codes
  3. SEA-SEARCH Disciplines were used as the top layer in the CDI interface parameter discovery hierarchy
    • B Biology
    • C Chemistry
    • D Physics
    • G Geology
    • M Atmosphere
    • O Cross-discipline
    • Z Administration and dimensions
  4. SEA-SEARCH Agreed Parameter Groups (APGs) were used as the second layer in the CDI interface parameter discovery hierarchy.
  5. CDI Platform Codes
  6. CDI Instrument Codes

The SEA-SEARCH project ended in 2005. The CDI and the above dictionaires are now being used and developed further by the EU SeaDataNet project.