Data inventories

BODC is responsible for maintaining, developing or contributing to SEA-SEARCH data inventories. Our main responsibility for this role lies with the European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED). The SEA-SEARCH project ended in 2005 and EDMED and EDMERP are now being used and developed further by the EU SeaDataNet (2006 - 2011) project.


EDMED, initiated by BODC in 1991 within the EU Marine Science and Technology (MAST) framework, is a high level inventory of marine data sets and Data Holding Centres. It describes more than 3300 data sets from a wide range of disciplines, held at over 600 Data Holding Centres across Europe. It has established itself as a European standard for indexing and searching data sets relating to the marine environment.

Directory entries are prepared by European institutes and collated by the national centres who are responsible for seeking out and maintaining their national directories.

These national directories are combined to provide a single centralised system managed by BODC. More information about the functionality and maintenance of EDMED is provided in our information and inventories section.

To search the directory, connect to our EDMED search form.

Activities are now underway to expand the coverage of EDMED with entries from new partners from the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea areas.

A new update and retrieval scheme has been developed, using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) to import datasets that current reside in SEA-SEARCH partners' databases.


BODC also contributes to the ongoing population of the European Directory of Marine Environmental Research Projects (EDMERP).

EDMERP is a European directory of research projects relating to the marine environment. It covers a wide range of disciplines including

  • marine meteorology
  • physical, chemical and biological oceanography
  • sedimentology
  • marine biology and fisheries
  • environmental quality
  • coastal and estuarine studies
  • marine geology and geophysics

Research projects are catalogued in EDMERP as fact sheets or abstracts with their most relevant aspects. The primary objective of EDMERP is to support users in identifying interesting research activities and in connecting them to involved research managers and project results (such as data, models and publications) across Europe.

More information and an online search facility is provided on the EDMERP page hosted on the SeaDataNet web site.