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Potential temperature from FOAM
Potential temperature from FOAM ©

Quality controlled Argo data can be used to produce a number of products. Non Argo data are used by Argo to produce products that aid in the quality control of Argo data.

Products that use Argo data

Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model

Data from all Argo floats are assimilated into the Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) at the Met Office.

FOAM Antarctic configuration
  • 1/4 degree on a rotated grid with north pole at 5°N 75°E
  • 20 vertical levels
  • Grid dimensions (y,x) — 400 x 420
  • Source bathymetry data set — GEBCO
  • First tracer point in model (at SW corner) — 50°S 120°E

FOAM images

Images of potential temperature, salinity and velocity at five metres and 995.5 m are supplied by the Met Office to BODC at monthly intervals. These may be viewed by selecting the relevant parameter/period from the form below or from a table of available plots.


The images are also available as animations covering the period July 2004 to February 2009 for potential temperature, salinity and velocity (currents) respectively.

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