FOAM 1/4° Antarctic model output images

Data from all Argo floats are assimilated into the Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) run at the Met Office and may be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below.

The images are also available as animations for the period July 2004 to February 2009 for potential temperature, salinity and velocity (currents) respectively.

Salinity Velocity
February 2009February 2009February 2009
January 2009January 2009January 2009
December 2008December 2008December 2008
November 2008November 2008November 2008
October 2008October 2008October 2008
September 2008September 2008September 2008
August 2008August 2008August 2008
July 2008July 2008July 2008
June 2008June 2008June 2008
May 2008May 2008May 2008
April 2008April 2008April 2008
March 2008March 2008March 2008
February 2008February 2008February 2008
January 2008January 2008January 2008
December 2007December 2007December 2007
November 2007November 2007November 2007
October 2007October 2007October 2007
September 2007September 2007September 2007
August 2007August 2007August 2007
July 2007July 2007July 2007
June 2007June 2007June 2007
May 2007May 2007May 2007
April 2007April 2007April 2007
March 2007March 2007March 2007
February 2007February 2007February 2007
January 2007January 2007January 2007
December 2006December 2006December 2006
November 2006November 2006November 2006
October 2006October 2006October 2006
September 2006September 2006September 2006
August 2006August 2006August 2006
July 2006July 2006July 2006
June 2006June 2006June 2006
May 2006May 2006May 2006
April 2006April 2006April 2006
March 2006March 2006March 2006
February 2006February 2006February 2006
January 2006January 2006January 2006
December 2005December 2005December 2005
November 2005November 2005November 2005
October 2005October 2005October 2005
September 2005September 2005September 2005
August 2005August 2005August 2005
July 2005July 2005July 2005
June 2005June 2005June 2005
May 2005May 2005May 2005
April 2005April 2005April 2005
March 2005March 2005March 2005
February 2005February 2005February 2005
January 2005January 2005January 2005
December 2004December 2004December 2004
November 2004November 2004November 2004
October 2004October 2004October 2004
September 2004September 2004September 2004
August 2004August 2004August 2004
July 2004July 2004July 2004
British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC).     Argo     Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia (CSIRO).