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Argo UK floats interactive map
Argo UK floats interactive map ©

An interactive map displays all UK Argo floats. You can opt to display various layers such as, active or failed floats; their deployment location and their trajectories.

Display in Geographic, North Polar Stereographic and South Polar Stereographic map projections are available and tools allow you to zoom, pan and query floats of interest.

Further information about the float, including a form to access the data, is available by clicking on the float display within the map.

Access the interactive map

Data (netCDF format) may be selected by ticking a box, for individual floats. Having submitted your selection the information will be transferred to the UK float data summary form, which allows you to further modify your request prior to submission.

On submission, your request will be handled automatically. You will be notified via email and asked to collect your data from our ftp site. Clear instructions will be provided.

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