Sea level data

Tide gauge at Faraday
Tide gauge at Faraday ©

Is climate change causing a change in the sea level? By maintaining tide gauge networks and databases of quality controlled tide gauge data, scientists can study changes in sea level and produce models to help predict future changes and answer this question.

BODC was the ‘delayed-mode’ sea level centre for the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE). We were responsible for assembling, quality controlling and disseminating the data collected.

BODC will be acting as the ‘delayed-mode’ sea level Data Assembly Centre for CLIVAR, performing a similar role as in WOCE. The University of Hawai`i Sea Level Center will act as the 'fast-delivery' sea level data assembly centre (see Role division).

We process data from many types of instruments such as float and stilling wells, pressure sensors, bubbler gauges, acoustic gauges and bottom pressure recorders.

There are a few sites where other parameters are recorded, such as atmospheric pressure, air temperature, sea temperature, wind speed, gust wind speed and wind direction.

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