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BODC 'delayed-mode' sea level Data Assembly Centre (DAC)

BODC has been quality controlling and banking sea level data for over 20 years and is in close proximity to the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL), which maintains an extensive data base of monthly averaged sea level information, and thus has much experience as a depository for in-situ sea level data.

Under the CLIVAR program the BODC DAC will focus on collecting higher frequency delayed mode data from a well distributed set of gauges and re-distributing these data on a time scale of 12 to 18 months. Data will be pulled annually from national on-line data collections (if these are available) or requested from data collectors. The BODC data set is primarily intended to satisfy the long term data archive requirements of CLIVAR. Original data are saved as submitted and questionable data flagged.

BODC will also archive ancillary parameters, such as atmospheric pressure, air temperature, sea temperature, salinity, wind speed, gust wind speed and wind direction.

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