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UHSLC 'fast-delivery' sea level Data Assembly Centre (DAC)

The University of Hawai`i Sea Level Center (UHSLC) DAC collects, processes, and distributes a ready-to-use "corrected" data set of hourly, daily, and monthly in-situ sea level values in several formats through various portals from a world-wide network of gauges at sites identified by the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS).

Under the CLIVAR program, the centre is tasked with providing "fast delivery" (latency less than one month) in-situ sea level data. The DAC is also developing a "real-time" (latency less than one day) data collection and distribution system from the UHSLC operated Global Sea Level Network (GSLN) and other selected sites, and the DAC will continue to support and distribute the Joint Archive for Sea Level (JASL) Research Quality Data (RQD), a collaborative UHSLC and U.S. NODC product. These data sets are primarily used for monitoring oceanic events. They are also used to support altimeter calibration and joint analysis, and for model verification and assimilation.

The UHSLC submits these data to the World Data Center for Oceanography (Silver Spring) for archiving on an annual basis. The DAC will also continue to add to the length of the in situ sea level time series through aggressive data archeology and the continuation of the relationships with data providers and users developed under the NORPAX and TOGA programs, WOCE, and GLOSS.

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