Displaying bathymetry data for the North Atlantic using the GEBCO Digital Atlas.
Displaying bathymetry data for the North Atlantic using the GEBCO Digital Atlas. ©

The Centenary Edition of the GEBCO Digital Atlas (GDA) is published on DVD and contains three main components

  • A set of User Guides
  • The GDA data sets
  • The GDA Software Interface

The contents of the GDA DVD set are as follows

  • The GEBCO_2014 Grid, a global 30 arc-second interval bathymetric grid, largely generated by combining quality-controlled ship depth soundings with interpolation between sounding points guided by satellite derived gravity data. However, where they improve on the existing GEBCO_2014 Grid, data sets developed by other gridding methods have been included.

The grid is accompanied by the GEBCO_2014 Source Identifier (SID) Grid. This grid identifies which cells in the GEBCO_2014 Grid are based on soundings or existing grids and which have been interpolated.

  • The GEBCO One Minute Grid, a global one minute interval bathymetric grid, based primarily on the bathymetric contours of the October 2002 version of the GDA. It also incorporates land elevations derived from the Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE) project data set.
  • Bathymetric contours, coastlines and trackline control from the October 2002 version of the GEBCO Digital Atlas. It is based primarily on the digitised GEBCO Fifth Edition chart series enhanced by completely new bathymetric compilations for the Arctic and Indian Oceans as well as significant updates for areas of the North Atlantic, the Weddell Sea and the area around New Zealand.
  • A set of user guides to the GDA and its data sets.
  • Bathymetric contours and coastlines from the First Edition of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Mediterranean (IBCM).
  • A set of digital global coastlines from the World Vector Shoreline, at a range of scales from 1:43 million to 1:250000 or better for coastlines north of 60°S.
  • The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Coastline of Antarctica (Version 3.0) at a range of scales from 1:10 million to 1:250000 (replacing the World Vector Shoreline south of 60°S).
  • Trackline inventory of the digital echo-sounding data held at the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Data Center for Digital Bathymetry as of June 2002.
  • A digital set of geographically referenced feature names including the International Hydrographic Organization/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IHO/IOC) Gazetteer of Geographic Names of Undersea Features.
  • A digital version of the Third Edition of the Echo-Sounding Correction Tables. This data set is also available to download from the web.
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