Magnifying lens

Please note that the GEBCO Digital Atlas and Software Interface are no longer available.

Version 2.0 of the GDA Software Interface includes a 'magnifying lens' option which allows you to display the area under the cursor as if it were viewed through a magnifying lens.

The image is displayed in a ‘magnified view’ window shown in the display area. As you move the cursor across the screen the image in the ‘magnified view’ window changes. The magnification factor and the size of the window can be altered by the user.

The image below shows the bathymetry and undersea feature name information for part of the North Atlantic area displayed through the GDA. The magnify option has been selected and the area under the cursor (white arrow) near Gondor Seamount can be seen in the 'magnified view' window (inset in the image). Find out more about version 2.0 of the GDA Software Interface.

Using the 'magnifying lens' option
Using the 'magnifying lens' option©

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