Querying features

Please note that the GEBCO Digital Atlas and Software Interface are no longer available.

The software interface allows supplementary data sets to be overlaid on the bathymetric data sets.

The example shows the location of entries from the International Hydrographic Organization/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Gazetteer of Geographic Names of Undersea Features (shown in black), place names (shown as blue triangles) and oceanic islands (shown as yellow triangles). The user can set the style and colour of the symbols used to display these features.

Displaying and querying undersea feature names
Displaying and querying undersea feature names©

The software interface has a cursor controlled query facility for

  • Undersea features — names and information about the feature (the image shows the information for Rockall Bank)
  • Names of oceanic and Antarctic islands
  • The precise depth of individual contour lines
  • Survey boxes — from the trackline control data set for information on the source reference
  • The echo-sounding correction (Carter's Tables) for a specified depth at the current cursor location
  • Distance along a line on the chart in nautical miles, statute miles and kilometres
  • Attribute information stored with user-defined data points (available in version 2.0 of the GDA Software Interface)

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