BODC's role

BODC has acted as The 'delayed-mode' sea level Data Assembly Centre (DAC) for WOCE. It had responsibility for assembling and quality controlling the definitive sea level data set for the WOCE project.

The data set consists of high frequency (usually hourly) sea level data from approximately 160 coastal tide gauge sites and 50 deployments of deep sea bottom pressure recorders.

This work is complemented by the operation of a 'fast-delivery' sea level DAC at the University of Hawai`i Sea Level Center.

The delayed-mode sea level data set and the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) station hand book were published on the WOCE Global Data Version 3.0 DVD. The individual data sets are also available by request from the BODC Enquiries Officer.

Our continuing role

The Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) project evolved from WOCE. BODC will continue to operate a sea level DAC for CLIVAR and take on the additional responsibility of running the current meter DAC for the project.