Data submission

BODC relies on the expertise of the data originators to supply fully processed, quality controlled data sets with supporting comprehensive metadata.

When data analysis has been completed, please send a copy of your data together with associated documentation to BODC. The following is a summary of the submission process. Further information can be obtained from our guidelines on submitting data to BODC or by contacting Kay Thorne.

Data can be sent as attached files via email to Kay Thorne. BODC has the capacity to safely receive email attachments up to 5MB in size. However, this limit is the acceptable level set by our IT department. Data originators are advised to check with their own IT service managers regarding allowable file size transfer by this method.

Alternatively, data sets can be copied onto floppy disk, CDROM or Zip disk and send to Kay Thorne at the British Oceanographic Data Centre, Joseph Proudman Building , 6 Brownlow Street , Liverpool L3 5DA.

We can accept most file formats. Microsoft Excel files or text files are the most commonly used. Please ask if you are unsure whether we can deal with your file format.

Please ensure that the following information is in or linked to the data files

Sampling mechanism (e.g. CTD rosette, air sampler, zooplankton net, non-toxic sample)
Cast and station reference if relevant
Date and time of sample in UTC (or other specified time zone)
Depth/height of sample
Bottle/rosette reference for CTD rosette sampling

IMPORTANT — Please include Microsoft Word or text document containing:

  • The name and institution of the data originator and the principal investigator
  • Specific details of sampling methods used
  • Specific details of any instruments used.
  • Details of analytical procedures employed.
  • Details of any problems encountered along with comments on data quality.
  • A list of the associated data files.
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