Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT)

Data inventories

Cruise — RRS James Clark Ross JR20000912 (AMT11, JR52 Leg1, JR53)

Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records. If you have data sets which are not held at BODC, please send them to Arwen Bargery.

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"AutoFlux" meteorological systemMargaret J YellandReceived
Bacterial (heterotrophic and cyanobacteria) abundance and production (CTD bottles)Begona CastroReceived
Bio-Optics: Irradiance, radiance and attenuation from optic rigJames Aiken and Claudia OmachiData not expected
CDOM (CTD bottles)Vassilis KitidisReceived
Chlorophyll-a (size fractionated) - fluorometric (CTD bottles)Emilio Fernandez SuarezReceived
Chlorophyll-a (total) - fluorometric (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S Woodward and Sandy ThomallaReceived
Chlorophyll-a - fluorometric (surface underway)E Malcolm S Woodward and Sandy ThomallaReceived
Continuous underway nav, bath, fluor, met and tsgE Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
CTD profilesE Malcolm S WoodwardReceived — online data delivery available
Dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation (CTD bottles)Pablo SerretReceived
FRRF and PARJames AikenReceived
Gross and net production and dark community respiration (oxygen)Pablo SerretReceived
HPLC pigments (CTD bottles)Emilio Fernandez SuarezReceived
Mesozooplankton Community Size Structure - OPC (surface underway)Chris GallienneReceived
Microplankton C/N > 20 microns (Net hauls)Emilio Fernandez SuarezReceived
Nutrients - nitrate+nitrite/nitrite/phosphate/silicate/ammonium - micromolar (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S Woodward and Vassilis KitidisReceived
Phytoplankton production, Nitrogen uptake (15N incubations) and DON releaseMarta VarelaReceived
POC/PON (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S WoodwardData not expected
Primary production (size-frac)Emilio Fernandez SuarezReceived
Primary production - photosynthetic parameters (PvE)Ramiro Benvenuto VarelaReceived
Salinity - bench salinometer (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
Salinity - bench salinometer (uway)E Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
XBT profilesE Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
Zooplankton biomass and grazingMarcos LopesReceived
Zooplankton respiration and ammonia productionAlejandro IslaReceived



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