Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT)

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Cruise — RRS James Clark Ross JR20030512 (AMT12, JR102, JR88, JR90)

Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records. If you have data sets which are not held at BODC, please send them to Arwen Bargery.

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230Th and 232Th data (CTD bottles)Gideon HendersonReceived
234Th/238U data (CTD bottles)Mike LucasData not expected
Aerosol samples - amino acidsMartin Preston and Mohammed WedyanReceived
Aerosol samples - ammoniaTim Jickells and Alex BakerData not expected
Aerosol samples - major ions and trace metalsTim JickellsReceived
Ammonium and Urea concentration - nanomolar (CTD bottles)Mike LucasReceived
Atmospheric and surface water pCO2Andrew J WatsonData set overdue — was expected 2011-05-01
Bio-optics: ac-9 absorption and attenuation meterSamantha LavenderReceived
Bio-optics: FRRF profilesSamantha LavenderReceived
Bio-optics: phycoerythrin and phycocyanin fluorometersJames AikenData not expected
Bio-optics: Satlantic free falling optical profiler dataSamantha LavenderReceived
Bio-optics: underway transmissometerSamantha LavenderReceived
Bio-optics: UV and near UV/Visible spectrometersJames AikenData not expected
Bio-optics: Wetlabs VSF backscatter meterSamantha LavenderReceived
CDOM absorbance (CTD bottles)Robert Upstill-GoddardData not expected
CDOM photoreactivityCarol RobinsonData not expected
Chlorophyll-a - fluorometric (CTD bottles)Mike LucasReceived
Coccolithophore Composition - SEM (CTD bottles and surface underway)Patrick M HolliganReceived
Continuous underway nav, bath, fluor, met and tsgTim JickellsReceived
CTD profiles (pres,temp,sal,fluor,trans,oxy)Tim JickellsReceived — online data delivery available
DIC and total alkalinity (CTD bottles and surface underway)Andrew J WatsonReceived
Dissolved iron and trace metals concentration (CTD bottles)Florence NedelecData not expected
Dissolved iron and trace metals concentration (surface underway)Florence NedelecData not expected
Dissolved oxygen concentration (CTD bottles)Nicola Gist and Carol RobinsonReceived
Distribution, abundance and community structure of nano, pico-plankton and bacteria by AFC (CTD bottles)Mikhail V ZubkovReceived
DMS/DMSP concentrations (CTD bottles)Gill Malin and Thomas BellReceived
DMS/DMSP concentrations (surface underway)Gill Malin and Thomas BellReceived
DON, DOP, phospholipids (SAPS)Ric WilliamsData not expected
DON, DOP, phospholipids (surface underway)Ric WilliamsData not expected
Gross and net production and dark community respiration - oxygen (incubations)Carol RobinsonReceived
Heterotrophic nanoflagellate abundance and biomass - epifluorescent microscopy (CTD bottles)Elaine FilemanReceived
HPLC pigments (CTD bottles)Alex Poulton et al.Received
Lowered ADCPAlberto C Naveira GarabatoReceived
Mesozooplankton feeding experimentsRoger HarrisData not expected
Mesozooplankton size-fractionated C and N biomass (WP-2 net hauls)Roger HarrisReceived
Mesozooplankton size-structure, counts and biomass - PVA (WP-2 net hauls)Roger HarrisReceived
Mesozooplankton taxonomy from preserved samples (WP-2 net hauls)Roger HarrisData not expected
Microplankton community characterisation - Lugol's (CTD bottles)Patrick M HolliganData not expected
Microplankton raw FlowCAM dataRoger HarrisReceived
Microzooplankton abundance and biomass (optical microscopy) (CTD bottles)David J S Montagnes and Paul HamptonReceived
Moving Vessel Profiler data (MVP)Tim JickellsReceived
Nitrogen fixation rates (15N incubations)Andrew ReesData not expected
Nitrous oxide and methane saturation profiles (CTD bottles)Grant Forster and Robert Upstill-GoddardReceived
Nitrous oxide N and O isotope compositionRobert Upstill-GoddardData not expected
Nutrient addition experimentsTim JickellsData not expected
Nutrients - micromolar (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
Nutrients - micromolar (surface underway)E Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
Nutrients - nanomolar (CTD bottles)E Malcolm S WoodwardReceived
Particle absorption and phycobilliprotein pigment (CTD bottles)David SuggettData not expected
Particulate N isotopic composition (CTD bottles)Ric WilliamsData not expected
Particulate N isotopic composition (surface underway)Ric WilliamsData not expected
Particulate thorium (SAPS)Mike LucasData not expected
Phospholipids (CTD bottles)Sarah Reynolds and Ric WilliamsData not expected
Phytoplankton and microzooplankton size-fractionated abundance and biomass - FlowCAM (CTD bottles)Roger Harris and Xabier IrigoienReceived
Phytoplankton data (50 micron net tows)Patrick M HolliganData not expected
Phytoplankton production and nitrogen uptake (13C and 15N incubations)Mike LucasReceived
POC, PON and Particulate N isotopic composition (SAPS)Sarah Reynolds and Ric WilliamsReceived
POC/PON (CTD bottles)Richard SandersReceived
POC/PON (CTD bottles)Mike Lucas and Sandy ThomallaData not expected
Primary production - size-frac - 14C (incubations)Patrick M HolliganReceived
Rainwater samples - major ions and trace metalsTim Jickells and Alex BakerReceived
Salinity - bench salinometer (CTD bottles)Jonathan ShortReceived
Salinity - bench salinometer (underway)Jeff BensonReceived
Shipborne ADCPTim JickellsReceived
Total Dissolved Nitrogen (TDN) and Total Dissolved Phosphorus (TDP) (CTD bottles)Richard SandersReceived
Underway AMT12 Migration to Series - HydrographicTim JickellsReceived — online data delivery available
Underway AMT12 Migration to Series - MeterologicalTim JickellsReceived — online data delivery available
Underway AMT12 Migration to Series - NavigationTim JickellsReceived — online data delivery available



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