Cruise programme

Information about ANDREX cruises and associated data sets can be found here. The programme consisted of one cruise onboard the RRS James Cook and one onboard the RRS James Clark Ross. Details of the cruises are provided in the table below.

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Cruise Source Period Location
RRS James Cook JC030  View report for RRS James Cook JC030 (1.66 MB)Sheldon Bacon2008-12-262009-01-30Weddell Sea Southern Ocean
RRS James Clark Ross JR20100319 (JR235, JR236, JR239)  View report for RRS James Clark Ross JR20100319 (JR235, JR236, JR239) (5.11 MB)Mike Meredith2010-03-192010-04-24Weddell Sea Southern Ocean

The information has been obtained from cruise reports and project personnel. If you notice any errors please email Richenda Houseago-Stokes or Malcolm Hearn and we will amend our records.

Additional information

View the cruise tracks for JR239 and JC030.

Antartic Deep Water Rates of Export (ANDREX)