Cruise programme

Information about AUI cruises and associated data sets can be found here. The programme consisted of four cruises onboard the RRS James Clark Ross. Details of the cruises are provided in the table below.

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Cruise ID Source Period Location
JCR84 Cruise report for RRS James Clark Ross 84 in PDF (7.95 MB) Jenkins Adrian 2003-02-28 — 2003-04-04 Antarctic
JCR106 Cruise report for RRS James Clark Ross 106 in PDF (3.48 MB) Wadhams Peter 2004-08-13 — 2004-08-29 Arctic
JCR106B Cruise report for RRS James Clark Ross 106b in PDF (5.17 MB) Dowdeswell Julian 2004-08-30 — 2004-09-16 Arctic
JCR97 Cruise report for RRS James Clark Ross 97 in PDF (10.70 MB) Nicholls Keith 2005-02-03 — 2005-03-11 Antarctic

The information has been obtained from cruise reports and project personnel. If you notice any errors, please e-mail Malcolm Hearn or Adam Leadbetter and we will amend our records.

Additional information

Cruise tracks - Graphical representations of the ship's passage for cruises JR84, JR106b and JR97.

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