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The table below lists the status of all the data sets identified from AUI cruises and can be sorted by any column, in ascending order (by clicking the up arrow) or descending order (by clicking the down arrow).

Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records.

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JR106BAgassiz trawl and rock dredge- taxonomy and other studies (nutrition, reproduction, genetics)Paul A Tyler and Daniel JonesData not expected
JCR97Argos buoy deploymentJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
JCR106ASPeCt- sea ice watchKen CollinsReceived
JCR97Autosub ADCP (downward and upward)Povl AbrahamsenReceived
JCR97Autosub Aqualab water samplerMartin PriceData not expected
JCR106Autosub CTD and NavigationJeremy WilkinsonReceived — online data delivery available
JCR84Autosub CTD and NavigationJames PerrettReceived — online data delivery available
JCR97Autosub CTD and NavigationPovl AbrahamsenReceived — online data delivery available
JR106BAutosub CTD and NavigationMartin Price and Paul DoddReceived
JCR97Autosub Edgetech FSAU sub bottom profilerKeith NichollsReceived
JCR97Autosub EM2000 multibeam swath (sea ice) - upward lookingArthur Kaletzky and Jeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
JR106BAutosub M377- Aqualab water sampler - delta18OKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR97Autosub photographyBrian James BettData not expected
JCR84Autosub- 300 kHz ADCP - Ice DraftsAdrian Jenkins and Christopher J BanksReceived
JR106BAutosub- CameraPaul A Tyler et al.Received
JCR106Autosub- downward looking RDI 150kHz ADCPJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
JR106BAutosub- downward looking RDI 150kHz ADCPKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR84Autosub- Edgetech FS-AU Sub bottom profilerDavid VaughanData not expected
JR106BAutosub- Edgetech FS-AU Sub bottom profilerJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR84Autosub- EM2000 multibeam swath bathymetryJames PerrettData not expected
JR106BAutosub- Kongsberg EM2000 Multibeam swath system looking downwardsJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR106Autosub- upward looking Kongsberg EM2000 Multibeam swath systemArthur KaletzkyData not expected
JCR106Autosub- upward looking RDI 300kHz ADCPJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
JR106BAutosub- upward looking RDI 300kHz ADCPKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR97CFC SamplingKeith Nicholls and Povl AbrahamsenReceived
JR106BCTD - Discrete Salinity samplesKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR97CTD d18O concentrationKaren J Heywood and Martin PriceReceived
JR106BCTD d18O sample collection and analysisKaren J Heywood and Martin PriceReceived
JCR97CTD dataKaren J Heywood and Keith NichollsReceived
JR106BCTD dataKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR84CTD discrete Salinity samplesMark BrandonReceived
JCR106CTD mounted Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (LADCP)Jeremy WilkinsonData not expected
JCR84CTD profilesMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived — online data delivery available
JCR106CTD Salinity samplesJeremy WilkinsonReceived
JCR97CTD Salinity SamplesKaren J Heywood and Paul DoddReceived
JR106BCTD sediment sample collection and analysisDarrel A SwiftReceived
JCR106EM120 12 kHz multibeam swath bathymetryJeffrey EvansReceived
JR106BEM120 Multibeam Swath Bathymetry SystemJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR84EM120 Swath bathymetryJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR97EM120 Swath bathymetryRoy LivermoreReceived
JCR106Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) SystemJeffrey EvansReceived — online data delivery available
JR106BExpendable Bathythermograph (XBT) SystemJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR97Fimbul MooringPovl Abrahamsen and Keith NichollsReceived
JR106BGravity corerDarrel A SwiftData set overdue — was expected 2006-09-01
JCR106Greenland Arctic Shelf Ice Experiment (GreenIce) buoyDuncan MercerData not expected
JCR106Hand-held CTDJeremy WilkinsonData not expected
JCR84Ice floe measurementsMark Brandon and Christopher J BanksReceived
JCR97Ice sampling - including salinityJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2006-10-03
JCR97Idronaut OceanSeven 320 CTD probe.Keith NichollsReceived
JCR97Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (LADCP)Martin PriceReceived — online data delivery available
JR106BLowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (LADCP)- upward and downward facingKaren J HeywoodReceived — online data delivery available
JCR84Oxygen 18 samples (CTD)Adrian JenkinsReceived
JCR84Radon samples (CTD)Mark BrandonData not expected
JCR106RD Instruments 150 kHz shipboard ADCP (VM-150)Gwyn GriffithsReceived — online data delivery available
JCR84Sea Ice driftersMark BrandonReceived
JCR97Sea Ice Group (SIG) - Ice logNick HughesData not expected
JCR84Sea Ice observations - ASPeCt systemMark Brandon and Christopher J BanksReceived
JCR106Sea ice validation- Drilling and coring (Snow cover, freeboard and draft)Peter Wadhams and Jeremy WilkinsonReceived
JCR106Ship-borne CTDJeremy WilkinsonReceived
JCR84SIMRAD EA500 Bathymetric Echo SounderMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
JCR97Tilt Meter Buoy deploymentJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
JCR84TOPASJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR97TOPAS sub-bottom profilerRoy LivermoreReceived
JCR106TOPAS Sub-Bottom Profiler and EPC Chart recorderJeffrey EvansReceived
JR106BTOPAS Sub-Bottom Profiler and EPC Chart recorderJeffrey EvansReceived
JR106BUnderway - Sea Surface HydrographyKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR106Underway discrete samples - salinityJeremy WilkinsonData not expected
JCR84Underway navigation, bathymetry and Ocean loggerMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
JCR97Underway navigation, bathymetry and Ocean loggerMartin PriceReceived
JCR97Underway salinity samplesKaren J HeywoodReceived
JR106BUnderway salinity samplesKaren J HeywoodReceived
JCR106Underway Sea Surface HydrographyJeremy WilkinsonReceived — online data delivery available
JCR97Vessel mounted (VM) -ADCPGregory F Lane-SerffReceived
JR106BVessel Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (VMADCP)Karen J Heywood and Paul ClementReceived
JCR84VMADCPMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
JR106BWASPBrian James Bett and Daniel JonesReceived
JCR97Wide angle seabed photography (WASP) of benthic fauna - Taxonomy and species countsBrian James Bett and Daniel JonesReceived
JCR84XBTJeffrey EvansReceived
JCR97XBTRoy LivermoreReceived


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