Autosub Under Ice (AUI)

Data set inventory

Cruise — RRS James Clark Ross JR20040813 (JR106)

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Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records.

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ASPeCt- sea ice watchKen CollinsReceived
Autosub CTD and NavigationJeremy WilkinsonReceived — online data delivery available
Autosub- downward looking RDI 150kHz ADCPJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
Autosub- upward looking Kongsberg EM2000 Multibeam swath systemArthur KaletzkyData not expected
Autosub- upward looking RDI 300kHz ADCPJeremy WilkinsonData set overdue — was expected 2007-06-01
CTD mounted Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (LADCP)Jeremy WilkinsonData not expected
CTD Salinity samplesJeremy WilkinsonReceived
EM120 12 kHz multibeam swath bathymetryJeffrey EvansReceived
Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) SystemJeffrey EvansReceived — online data delivery available
Greenland Arctic Shelf Ice Experiment (GreenIce) buoyDuncan MercerData not expected
Hand-held CTDJeremy WilkinsonData not expected
RD Instruments 150 kHz shipboard ADCP (VM-150)Gwyn GriffithsReceived — online data delivery available
Sea ice validation- Drilling and coring (Snow cover, freeboard and draft)Peter Wadhams and Jeremy WilkinsonReceived
Ship-borne CTDJeremy WilkinsonReceived
TOPAS Sub-Bottom Profiler and EPC Chart recorderJeffrey EvansReceived
Underway discrete samples - salinityJeremy WilkinsonData not expected
Underway Sea Surface HydrographyJeremy WilkinsonReceived — online data delivery available


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