Autosub Under Ice (AUI)

Data set inventory

Cruise — RRS James Clark Ross JR20030218 (JR84)

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Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you notice any errors, please tell us and we will amend our records.

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Autosub CTD and NavigationJames PerrettReceived — online data delivery available
Autosub- 300 kHz ADCP - Ice DraftsAdrian Jenkins and Christopher J BanksReceived
Autosub- Edgetech FS-AU Sub bottom profilerDavid VaughanData not expected
Autosub- EM2000 multibeam swath bathymetryJames PerrettData not expected
CTD discrete Salinity samplesMark BrandonReceived
CTD profilesMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived — online data delivery available
EM120 Swath bathymetryJeffrey EvansReceived
Ice floe measurementsMark Brandon and Christopher J BanksReceived
Oxygen 18 samples (CTD)Adrian JenkinsReceived
Radon samples (CTD)Mark BrandonData not expected
Sea Ice driftersMark BrandonReceived
Sea Ice observations - ASPeCt systemMark Brandon and Christopher J BanksReceived
SIMRAD EA500 Bathymetric Echo SounderMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
TOPASJeffrey EvansReceived
Underway navigation, bathymetry and Ocean loggerMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
VMADCPMark Brandon and Dziga Pozzi-WalkerReceived
XBTJeffrey EvansReceived


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