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Turbulence probe fitted on Autosub
Turbulence probe fitted on Autosub ©

Sonar and turbulence studies of the upper ocean

Very few observations of turbulence measured just beneath the water surface have been collected. No simultaneous measurements of dissipation, breaking waves, bubble clouds and Langmuir circulation are available. Yet these measurements could be used to examine the momentum and gas transfer in the upper ocean and the exchanges between air and water.

Why use Autosub?

The development of Autosub provided an ideal opportunity to repeat, at a relatively low cost, some aspects of the US Navy research submarine Dolphin study, which was curtailed at an early stage after the major failure of the submarine's generators.

Related publications

Thorpe, S.A., Osborn, T.R., Jackson, J.F.E., Hall, A.J., and Lueck, R.G., 2002. Measurements of turbulence in the upper ocean mixing layer using Autosub. Journal Physical Oceanography, 33, 122-145.

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