Data submission

In general, BODC relies on the expertise of the data originators to supply fully processed, quality-controlled data sets with supporting comprehensive metadata. For CoFEE, the only data sets that are expected are exemplar model runs — please send a copy of each to BODC.

For model input parameters, the CoFEE project has been reliant on data previously collected by the Project Partners. Therefore, in accordance with the Data Management Plan, the originator is required to provide a summary description of the data used and all relevant metadata.

Data and metadata standards

Please note that submission of (i) incorrectly formatted model data and (ii) inadequately labelled metadata do not meet the data management criteria for this NERC-funded research grant.

Model data

Model data will only be accepted in compliant CF-netCDF format. Full details on supplying model data in CF-netCDF format are available from the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) web site. Before submission, data originators should confirm that their files are compliant using the CF-netCDF compliance checker.

Data summaries and relevant metadata

We can accept most file formats. Microsoft Excel files or text files are the most commonly used. Please ask if you are unsure whether we can deal with your file format.

IMPORTANT – all data files and/or metadata summaries need to include a Microsoft Word or text document containing:

  • The name and institution of the data originator and the principal investigator
  • Specific details of sampling methods used (where relevant)
  • Specific details of any instruments used (where relevant)
  • Details of analytical procedures employed
  • Details of any problems encountered along with comments on data quality
  • A list of the associated data files

How to send data

You can send CoFEE data and metadata in the following ways

  • Place your model data on an FTP server and email retrieval instructions to Sean Gaffney.
  • Copy your model data onto DVD and post it to Sean Gaffney, British Oceanographic Data Centre, Joseph Proudman Building, 6 Brownlow Street, Liverpool L3 5DA.
  • Email dataset descriptions and metadata files to Sean Gaffney.
    Please note — BODC has the capacity to safely receive email attachments up to 5 Mb in size. Check the allowable file size transfer by this method with your IT service managers.
Coastal Flooding by Extreme Events (CoFEE)